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What is MindFire Studio?

The MindFire Studio is a cloud-based marketing automation application allowing you to:

  • Visually create highly personalized marketing workflows
  • Orchestrate media like direct mail, email, and social media
  • Leverage triggers to automate drip-and-nurture sequences
  • Analyze performance using Visual Reporting & Analytics
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MindFire Studio Marketing Automation Software

Who is using MindFire Studio?

Hundreds of agencies, printers, and marketing service providers have used the MindFire technology to build thousands of marketing campaigns for many of the most reputable brands in the world:

How is MindFire Studio different?

Professional Marketing Automation Platform
Basic Marketing Automation Software

Building world-class multi-channel multi-touch marketing campaigns with MindFire Studio is quite easy: Simply drag and drop Outbound and Inbound media Elements to your program’s canvas and build any campaign workflow in minutes.

But don’t let this easy-to-use workflow creator fool you. Underneath this intuitive user interface, there’s a powerful content composition and business logic engine that empowers you to create highly personalized, sophisticated campaigns that other marketing automation tools are not capable of handling.

The moment you start building a campaign with MindFire Studio, you see the difference: You are no longer limited to predefined landing page templates or linear workflows. You’re not bound by basic conditional rules for content variables, or many other limitations imposed by other tools. With MindFire Studio, you are in the driver’s seat.

Need to create a responsive layout for your landing pages? Go for it! Want to have a different domain name for each campaign? Get as many as you wish! Want to make a parallax scrolling page to dazzle your visitors? No problem!

If all your marketing campaign requirement is to send an email that goes to a basic landing page, MindFire Studio might be an overkill. On the other hand, if you wish to build a multi-channel multi-touch campaign that delivers a truly personalized experience for your target audience, you will be amazed by the power MindFire Studio brings to you.

Unleash your creativity! With MindFire Studio, you can build any campaign you can dream of. The sky’s the limit.

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MindFire Studio Marketing Automation Software